Hanging Garment Warehouse systems for over 30 years!
We provide reliable and cost effective solutions for all of your operational needs.


We offer many types of storage solutions, varying from the basic cantilever or frames types to multi-tier and mezzanine structures. Also, we have developed many unique storage solutions for special products and customer needs.


The Magic Tube Production System is ideal for short series and for short lead-times. It is a revolutionary transport system for cutting, sewing and finishing. The Magic Tube Production System raises your products and your productivity.


As the sales online are rapidly increasing, so are the amount of returned goods. The process of handling the returns are often time consuming and labor intensive. We can offer a complete solution from receiving all the way through to dispatch of the goods.

Salpomec – Mezzanine©

Need more space? With mezzanine floors existing space can be utilized more efficiently, at a fraction of the costs of new building construction.

Goods on Hangers solutions.