Garment conveyors

When your hanging garments need to be warehoused, sorted automatically or finished with finishing tunnels and packing machines, there is no better way to do it than with state of the arts garment conveyor systems.

Salpomec garment conveyors have well tested durability, speed and adaptability to meet our client’s needs ranging from industrial laundry sorting systems, apparel logistics providers, distribution centers and reverse logistics in fashion. Our experience of more than 30 years guarantees that we will find the best solution for each requirement.

Our garment conveyors are mainly moving the garments either with pin conveyors or clip conveyors. They deliver or sort the garments on hangers (GOH) to their desired destination. Our conveyors function overhead and can be supported from the warehouse or building structure or from a separate sigma structure. The conveyors can lift the garments to multilevel mezzanine at angles or vertically with garment conveyor lifts.

Benefits of the Salpomec Garment conveyors

  • Adaptability to various picking and sortation needs of garments  
  • Durable and well tested design  
  • Compatible with most hanger types  
  • Full range connections to steam tunnels and bagging machines  
  • Clear and spacious feeling to the warehouse  
  • Identification with QR, barcode, RFID, etc.  

The ever-increasing need for automated garment handling systems

In recent years, we have learned through our tight co-operations with ecommerce, omni-channel warehouse and distribution center providers that they are facing even greater demands to fulfil reverse logistics of online returns in fashion. The volumes and variability of the clothing returns, the seasonal fashion trends changes, preloved clothes and service speed for customer satisfaction are in dire need of garment handling systems. They need to be highly adaptable for different methods of handling and in streamlining the process.

When garments are hanging from coat hangers, the building of systems for their storage, picking and sorting is our specialty.  And it has been so – for over 30 years with experience in 44 countries. Salpomec hanging garment systems provide customers the accuracy, speed, well tested durability and adaptable state of the art products, such as clip conveyors, pin conveyors, pocket sorters, hanging garment racking systems and integrations to finishing and bagging machines.