RFID technology is the future and Salpomec is offering the complete operational solution today.

Salpomec, along with ADT and UPM Raflatec, established the world’s first comprehensive RFID Solution Center in Hollola, Finland. The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) center demonstrates the benefits of RFID throughout the entire handling chain for apparel, from production to the final sales point at the retail shop. RFID-technology enables significant cost savings in apparel logistics, as well as new innovative services and offerings in retail environments.

The Solution Center is a 2 level system that has brought together a complete working solution that can be put into practice anywhere in the world. The partnership of ADT, Salpomec and UPM Raflatec has come together to offer the best and latest technology. No longer is it up to the customer to find different component suppliers for RFID. Our partnership is offering a complete solution from one source.

The unique identification code can already be scanned into the computer at the garment producer’s factory or warehouse. This Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) information can then immediately be read online by the receiver. The receiver automatically knows well in advance exactly what is being shipped to them. This valuable and detailed information saves time, money and man-hours. The same RFID code is then used to manoeuvre the garment through it’s many stages before it reaches the cash register at the retail shop.

We have made a model of an authentic operational supply chain for apparel. We have succeeded in showing our customers the concrete advantages to be had from RFID technology.